Saturday, September 24, 2016

Friend Genuine

I’ve never dreamed so brightly
No, I’ve never burned so red
Every girl before her
Just gray inside my head
She doesn’t like to dance
But she doesn’t know this truth
That she moves just like the pink
In the sunrise on the moon

I know just how I’d touch her
The first time that we kiss
My hand upon her face
My clutch upon her hips
I’d pull her close as a prayer
From the last breath of Christ
Lean in slow as mist
Soft as dandelions

But I will leave hope, leave this dream
Lay it down, turn from its heat
I’ll be no lover, not your heart’s queen
Your unrequited, friend genuine

I never saw her coming
This star the sky can’t give
She came around the corner
And I’ve yet to catch my breath
But she’ll never hear these words
No, she’ll never see this ink
The silence of my heart
Is the best love I can bring

All I want is to be good
To bring that smile to her face
Make her laugh when laughter
Is the one sound she can’t place
And I know just how to do it
Yes, I know just where to stand
It is not beside you
But darling, I have got your back

So I will leave hope, leave this dream
Lay it down, turn from its heat
I’ll be no lover, not your heart’s queen
Your unrequited, friend genuine

5th and Michigan

I know I said too much
With my heart upon my sleeve
Now she’s seen me cry
Now she’s seen me bleed
I never thought I’d come so far
That I’d fall down to my knees
But I never thought I’d meet a girl
Who’d shatter this wall in me

I saw the tears in her eyes
When I said we couldn’t go on
You see, I have loved her longer
Than she can ever know
But she can’t take my love
Even though she stole my heart
She can’t hold my hand
So it’s best that we part

Oh mercy, mercy me
Never thought that I’d leave
Like a firefly drifts away
From the jar you hoped it’d stay
That girl was all my dreams
But the night goes on endlessly
So I guess it’s time I leave my friend on the streets of
5th and Michigan

I wanted to wipe her tears
But I know that we can’t touch
I wanted to pull her close
Like a flower grabs the sun
It laid me down to ashes
To see her head hung low
When I just want to be the burn
Be the fire in her glow

I put it all out in the air
With a quiver on my lip
That it hurts too much to know
Another feels her kiss
I didn’t want to break her heart
But in my rearview mirror
I saw the girl I hoped to find
Turn her key and disappear

Oh mercy, mercy me
Never thought that I’d leave
Like a firefly drifts away
From the jar you hoped it’d stay
That girl was all my dreams
But the night goes on endlessly
And I can’t be just a friend so I must leave
5th and Michigan

Monday, January 25, 2016

Pearls And Wine

She's just that girl that I have painted
On a canvas made of feathers
I thrust her colors to the wind
With the hope Cupid will catch her
She'll take the stage, risen from the page
Of a faith that I've untethered
She's just the girl I've waited for
Every stroke, every color

You make me dream
You make me sigh
With the hottest breath
From depths inside
You make me yearn
You make me covet
Pearls and wine

She glided into this life
Like chocolate drips down cherries
The sensation of the soaring love
Draped across a February
When I see her, I kneel before her
Phantom worship is what I carry
I'd hold her hand through her darkest land
Like the soil clings to the prairie

There's no beauty
Without your eyes
They hold the ocean
They hold the tide
Such a hunger
So divine
You make me lust
Pearls and wine

Your arrow
Buried in my mind
You leave the taste, the touch
Of pearls and wine

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Wild, Wild West

Gonna kiss that honey from the nape of your neck
Gonna drink that sweet from the heat of your breath
Baby pounds like bass in the left of my chest
Got me spinning like a bullet in the wild, wild west

Gather every glance and tuck it away
Weave my cortex with ribbon and lace
Gonna soak you up like a sponge in lemonade
Flood my heart with your sugary taste

Graze you like gold to the tips of your toes
Burn like Mercury until I explode
Tiny as a pearl and pure as the snow
Today I'm a hummingbird
Before you, a crow

Monday, May 4, 2015

This Is Unrequited

It doesn't matter
What you want to be
If you want to be the depth
Or the sun in the East
The passion in the fruit
That quenches her ruby tongue
None of that matters
In the shadows is where you belong

There’s a kiss out there for every lip
An embrace for every hand
A drop of water for the prickliest thorn
But succumb that you’re a grain of sand
There’s no more songs from up above
Even angels need their rest
When you have eternity to spare
You don’t rush to clean a mess

You can reach out for the beautiful
It only drifts further away
That’s where it’s always been
And fool, that’s where it will always stay
There’s nothing in the distance
Hope is a tease with virgin clench
She dangles the dream in front of you
But never pulls the thread

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Gimmie You

Gimmie you, Little Dumplin’
Gimmie you and you don’t know
Just what it is you do to me
The tickle like summer grass on toes                              
You’re my darling, you’re my fantasy
Like the desert dreams of snow
You’re all and nothing yet everything
You’re my muse and you don’t know

You got colors like autumn Maple leaves
You’ve flooded me and my levee broke
The Pacific, The Atlantic without miles between
And every evening your ocean grows
Drinking you down like August lemonade
You’re my girl but you don’t know
I’d damn the brakes and hit the pedal
If I saw your green light glow

Gimmie you and I’ll give you everything
Dumplin’, you can sip or swallow it whole
Never thirsty, never dry just satisfied
You're my girl and you don't know

Sunday, August 31, 2014

This Aphrodite Life

It's like rose petals falling from the sky
While rainbows arch their backs in the night
Illuminating the opal in a thousand swans eyes
That's what it's like
This Aphrodite life

She’s plum pretty
Like a cavity gathers sweet
Like a lemon lingers on lips
Like a pearl nestles the sea
Precious as a fawn
Rising from its knees
She’s drops of honey
Dripping from a bonsai tree

If Marilyn Monroe took you by the hand
Blushed at your touch and asked for this dance
Led you out onto the cobblestone streets of France
That's what it's like
This Shakespeare romance

She’s Alladin’s lamp
With two wishes left to go
The grace of a pirouette
The lights of a Broadway show
Enchanting as the dolphins
In waters peppered with snow
She’s the end of the rainbow
On a chardonnay road

It's apples with sugar and Cristal champagne
Under a rain forest canopy in a Costa Rican rain
With toucans singing a Spanish refrain
That's what it's like
This hurricane flame